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Some general rules when dating Armenian woman

The one who is going for a date should feel free and if not, there could be some possible problems. But what to do if it is so hard not to be tensed on the first date with Armenian woman? The main thing is communication between man and woman and these ways of communication are different like verbal and non verbal. If there is so called chemistry between man and woman, communication flow and the first date would just flow easily and naturally. You won’t even be able to understand what is going on and why the time passes by so quickly. Mutual feelings doesn’t depend on nationality.

But what if there is no chemistry? Then maybe it is not the one you ment to be together or it is just not your day. Maybe you were not in the best mood or maybe there is something wrong. Maybe she is not the best candidate? Think over all those issues and try to figure out is it what you really want and if you strongly decide to have a great date with Armenian woman, read some advices and keep to the certain rules.

Armenian woman would like when you show your masculine nature. It means she would like to see strong man near, who is ready to protect. Such man should be an absolute and if to listen to him, everything would always be alright. Man should not be agressive or too much possessive, but has to be “the man” in trivial traditional understanding of this word. Man has to rule the situation even during the date, don’t be annoying, but to be initiative. If you go to the restaurant, it should be the restaurant you know well, you have to propose her to taste dishes you advice and so on.

Don’t be overactive and too serious, but be confident. Play a role of such smart, strong man using your sense of humor (if you have one) and lead the situation your flow. Act the way not to make Armenian woman to feel tensed. She has to feel herself comfortable and the atmosphere has to be appropriate. This atmosphere depends on man’s behavior, on your ability to build the situation around, using your skills, tricks and probably charm. If you have experience in dating, it would be easy for you during the date. Although if you have lack of experience, it would be harder, but interesting. A kind of challenge for you. This challenge means you will be more experienced after, and it is good if you gain this experience with Armenian woman.

If you don’t know how to start the conversation on the date with Armenian woman, don’t hesitate and ask her such a trivial thing as where is she working. Ask her ‘How is it going at work?‘ Of course, she has a job and she would start telling different stories and you would rule the situation by asking her more questions. If she is a student, it is even better, because she would tell you about her studying process, friends and so on. But be ready when she asks ‘And what about you? Where do you work?‘.

Be kind of spontaneous man in a good way. If you know how to impress a woman in a pleasant way, do it. Use this, but do not to scare her. What is even more important, in every action of yours keep to the golden middle. Always keep in mind you are cool guy, don’t show this, but keep this in mind and try to behave slightly active and confident in everything. Try to be very self-confident man.

Remember not to speak about your ex-es. This is very offensive thing to do if you are dating Armenian woman. At best she’ll try to change topic for something neutral.

Also keep in mind that women from Armenia take different courses, study in Universities and take important positions in life by being on good job positions in different companies and state institutions. Armenian women are intelligent and while having conversation with them, no matter it is during the date or even some spontaneous conversation, you have to keep that in mind.

Your main aim at the date is not to spoil the date by thoughtless actions, unpredictable situations you create yourself and some weird behavior. If you are man of this kind, you probably have to look up for some other woman than Armenian. But anyways, don’t be upset if the date went wrong. There would be another.

If you analyze all your actions and ways to approach the result and find some mistakes in your deeds, it would help you to avoid those mistakes the next time. But you have to be fair with yourself and to be objective. The main mistake is to overestimate your abilities. If you have had dating experience, it does not always mean it would be the same this time with Armenian woman. Don’t tell about previous experience. You won’t impress her, but instead she will subconsciously alienate you. She would think you are unstable. She would think you are the man whom she cannot trust.

You have to behave as real confident man. Do not be silent, ask some questions, and listen. You have to be active in conversation but not overactive, take part in the conversation, but do not talk too much as it is not what real men do in conception of real man by Armenian woman seeing it. Women in general don’t like when guy talks too much, as man should be judged by his actions, but not by his words.

To make the flow of talk positive you have to make it really her-oriented, ask about her Armenian culture, about her family, some interesting traditions in the family. This is the topic she would eagerly support and tell you a lot, as Armenians really honor their family and traditions even being far away abroad and even for a very long time. You have to show your interest in her family traditions and culture, even if you aren’t interested. This would show her your interest and after the date when she would notice you are not indifferent to her culture, be sure she is interested in you. This could also mean you even have made your first step in building of your future family.

You may read tons of advices how to behave on the date but they might never help you if you do not feel mutual gravity with the woman. This is some special sort of feeling that you cannot control and this attraction either exists or does not exist, and this concerns not only Armenian women.

If you remember simple advices, they would really help you to enjoy the life in every aspect. It would also help you to find a woman of your dreams. Those advices are very simple. Often people cause problems themselves.

Argumentation is what you need first of all. Within argumentation comes the high time to act, not forgetting to be yourself and making right decisions, good choice and correct conclusions in a particular situation.

If particular woman does not like you – she is not your type. She is not your ‘only one’. You have to keep searching, but never be desperate.