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Do’s and don’t’s on the first date with Armenian woman

If you were lucky enough to get the agreement of Armenian woman to have a date with you, then it is important not to spoil the first date. As you might know, Armenian culture is very different from Western culture, though it has common to many Americans Christian priorities. In order not to get your Armenian friend confused or, what is worse, cause her some inconvenience, you have to follow some simple rules, that would help you to make the impression of nice guy (even in case you are not) and give the hope for continuation of your relations with next dates which is already called dating.

Important not to discuss so called “taboo subjects” on the first date with Armenian woman.

Take into consideration that most of traditionally brought up Armenian women consider dating as the start of a long process that would lead to marriage. So, if you think of strong relationship, build the ground for this at the first date. Keep doing it even after the fifth date, if you would be patient enough to wait until it is going to happen.

Men’s and women’s approach to dating is different and the final aim is usually different. If man is not sure whether he wants promising relationship, woman, especially Armenian woman, is dreaming for long-lasting relationship. But only in case you made a good impression on her.

What is prohibited on the first date with woman from Armenia?

To talk about your previous girlfriends. If some other woman might consider such stories gauche or boastful, Armenian woman, for whom dating means something serious and for long, would see you as unreliable man. Somewhat similar effect might cause your sincere stories about your… illnesses.

If by such approach you would try to cause sorrow and compassion, the effect would be the opposite. Armenian woman wants to see a strong healthy man in potential husband. The man who is able to protect her if there is a need. And with stories about illnesses you draw yourself as weak and sick person. Who would like to be with such man? Remember: not only Armenian, but all women do not like weak men. Compassion is not a good feeling to cause in woman’s heart.

What is good to talk about on the first date with Armenian lady?

Try to ask her about Armenian culture. It is good if the day before date you search Google for some interesting and popular aspects of Armenian culture. With such questions you will have what to start conversation with (it is better than weather discussion) and show her you are interested in her culture and interested in her. From cultural aspects you will slowly move to another.

Do not be quiet, talk not too much, as Armenian women usually do not like it as well, but talk confidently, use well-directed questions and this would make wonders, you’ll see. If you show yourself in such a light on the first date, the second one is not far from happening.

Before the date be prepared in advance. If she would like to go to the café or restaurant, you have to be ready to propose where to go. This would once more prove your determination. Among general advices – telling her about your personal achievements. If you know how to make it in humorous manner, do it so. Humor is great way to impress woman and to make less stress and discomfort. Stress of the first date will disappear.

Try to tell about your future plans and what you are focused on. Women like such concentrated guys, who know what they want in their life. Women like to follow such men and always be near, supporting them. Do not be afraid to tell Armenian women sincere compliments. They are not emancipated as some Western women and would not blame you in harassment. On the contrary, you will see how she blurs with hidden smile, even if she would try to hide her admiration. Keep in mind that compliments must be sincere, as Armenian women feel simulation very well.

You may follow these advices, but remain yourself. Women like men for what they are. Not every person suits to another person. It is normal. It does not matter what nationalities you both are, but if you have too different characters it would be hard to be happy together. Keep that in mind and good luck on your first date with Armenian woman.