Typical Armenian woman

Why Armenian girls often become the victims of their own false beliefs? This is all because they often believe in Western prince on the white horse who will immediately come to visit them and then take somewhere far to his prosperous kingdom called America. Of course, Armenian women are intelligent and well educated, but even because of these facts they still believe in fairy tales and often are trying to omit cultural differences in order to believe in their own imaginary world. By the way, this world does not exist in reality and all they dream about is very often just a fiction. Such pervert American reality was created in their mind because of movies, stories and tales about America that does not exists in reality.

Armenian women often are very naive and this fact is always used by machos from the States to woo a girl. If she beliefs in fairy tales, than it is very easy to create for her such a fiction of a fairy tale and step by step become her prince or in other words the only one for her. Such experienced men are trying to achieve their goal in this field by all accessible methods and having very good intuition there is nothing hard for them as it is easy for plumber to install a water pipe.

Very often why Armenian women choose foreigners instead of men of their nationality, because they Armenian men are often strict, rude and behave themselves as the kings with the servants, but that is not proper attitude of a husband towards wife in our new age times. And here, on the contrary to Armenian man, comes up American, who is gentle, trained by American women to respect woman. He feels that she is different, when he is so gentle and kind with her, she just blows up as a flower in spring, such mans attitude is weird to her and that is why interesting and magnetic at the same time, this is something what always will keep her attention, making her to turn the head into the way where he is coming from.

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Typical Armenian woman

Armenian women are very rare in divorce with husband, they got used for the centuries to suffer from man's superior behavior, but they take it for granted and it seems got used genetically to such an attitude. On the other hand, young Armenian girls, who are risen up in such atmosphere, but have access to internet, modern TV and other things like this have possibility to compare, what is the attitude to the girl in West and what is the attitude in Armenia, in their family. All those facts have deep influence nowadays and such a girl when she grows up and would have at least the smallest possibility to escape from Armenia or when she meets American, German or any other foreigner, would use her chance to become his girl and his future wife. That is exactly how the world and traditions are changing within the time, now we may observe these changes on the example of some particular national group.

Does Armenians differentiate somehow from people of other nationalities?
What special features have Armenians so the other person may identify them because of that? Armenians are definitely different not only from Slavs, I would say they are looking contrary to Slavic people, neither have they looked like Arabians or Azerbaijani or Georgians. Armenians are one of the oldest nations on Earth, if to believe to saint books. When we are looking for typical characteristics of Armenian woman, we implement things like figure, typical features of face, dark hair, brown eyes etc. Armenians are type of Caucasians from Eastern part of the continent, and in Russia or Eastern Europe they are called exactly Caucasians and the rest are called Europeoid type. Population of Armenia in general are dark haired not tall people, women have usually brown eyes, dark type of skin, very pretty faces with distinguishing features, as of a character, Armenians are very emotional, more men than women, because woman of Armenia is used to be conquered by man. What is interesting, there is no great mixture of Armenians and other nationalities even close to the border regions, like Azerbaijan or Georgia, Armenians kept their genetic code and national identity for centuries. Of course, this does not mean all Armenians are so pure genetically, there are mixed marriages in Armenia as well, but they are so rare, so we don't even seriously mention them in our article.

How do you feel being Armenian? Armenians are large ethnic group of people, who live in Caucasian region and also are widespread through the world. You may find Armenians in different countries as immigrants and the largest community is in the USA. Somehow we know that main feature by which we distinguish nationality is language, and Armenians have Armenian language, as well, there are such features as self-identity, self-expression among other nationalities as separate nation; also every nation has it's own culture and kept by centuries of traditions. It is very important to feel connection with ancestors in spiritual way.

Appearance of Armenian woman is also interesting part in describing this cultural type. If you are very interested in how Armenian woman looks like, I would only say this is usually dark haired beauty with slim figure, nice butt, and deep brown eyes, very sensitive and passionate person. What else could I say? In general, Armenian women are small rather than tall, as I said before, usually dark haired. Armenian means not only beliefs, hair of color and eyes, etc. Armenian is something more and much more when we are talking about Armenian woman. Armenian woman is a creature of God, you have to explore yourself, because without own exploration you will never get to know what is the reality and there are no such articles that could describe what is really going on about Armenian women. Armenian women characteristics are different, because every woman is unique and there are only some general features of appearance, but when it is going about character, well... there are many different exceptions.

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Character of Armenian woman never could be described in just one word. Those Armenian woman demand less from their husband, they usually serve their husband and this archaic to many western people thing is usual for many Armenian women, even young ones, but, of course, it is not going about Armenian women who were born in the USA or some other Western country. Armenian women are very good as housewives as they take care about the family, children, husband, and cleanness in the house. The love given to Armenian woman by man would be back for him in triple equivalent.

There are no measures, that would describe exactly Armenian woman, and sometimes you might think this is a girl from some other nationality, but, of course, there are some general features. Some men would definitely recognize Armenian woman and some might not notice her nationality. This is very individual to every one of us, but still, there is such an article and therefore there is a demand in the knowledge of how typical Armenian woman should look like.