Reality of being a girl in Armenia

If you decided to have a date with Armenian girl in that country, must say it might be difficult and sometimes even dangerous. You are able to do it in a big city, but moslty never in a small town or village. And later you’ll understand why.

One of the common misconceptions of modern Armenian society is that Armenian men have sometimes differrespectfulgentlemanly attitude towards the Armenian women have exceptional skills and treatment of womenThis myth is actively disseminate the men themselves, most of them at every opportunity and an awkward case of transparent hint, which is particularly adept at dealing with the female sexThe story of the Armenian men about how to properly care for the girlhow to seduce her and beautifully off, we can hear as often as caught in the rain in London.

However, Armenian women are not particularly sensitive to such myths into force of female realismand not onlyWomen on their experience certified as mythical knowledge of thegentleman does not find its practical implementation, at least the majority of Armenian women have not seen this.

Virginity at any age

Instead, the beautiful half of the population of Armenia has to pretty try to cater to the abovegentlemen of Armenian originWe are talking about premarital virginity as a cultural code of modern Armeniaand no matter the bride is of 19 years, 25 or 30 – the bride before the wedding should keep her maiden innocence. The fact that a woman, I’m sorry, too, man and sheoh, horrorsex can happencan not speak. All are welcome to the ranks of dishonorable girls.”

The theme of “red apple” in Armenia excites the minds of the entire population. On the one hand, gynecologists are tired of harping on the harms that brings to women’s health neglect of sexual life. And indeed seems to be the wrong times nowOn the other mama and girlfriend, both – boys and girls in one voice say that without virginity the most beautifuland intelligent girl is not good for marriage. In Armenia, there is no more rule for choosing a marriage partner of the binding parents, but parents need to ensure the absence of premarital sexual relationships in their daughters, and mother-in-law should confirm the presence of evidence of defloration after the wedding nightOf course, there are exceptions, inspired by the winds of change and the temptation of liberal valuesThey can often be seen in the capital, but any self-respectinginhabitant of a provincial townnot to mentioning the deaf villagesall solid shame on the whole family if he married not virgin.

Of course, nobody canceled the family values like honesty, home, etc., but who said that a woman does not fit into the conventional and, frankly,outdated stereotype of the publica priori can not be worthy of your wife? At the same time the girl should be understandable, submissive, obedient, but she should not be smart, otherwise her husband would feel himself uncomfortable and stupid in front of his wife.

Reality of being a girl in Armenia

It is desirable for Armenian girl  to get married  till she is 25. And if she’s got married, it is normal if husband betrades and has sexual relationships with other women. Women, by contrast, are limited in communication, mobility, ability to work outside the home. Their sex life is identified with the reproductive function and monitored at all stages of the life cycle.

Today, in order to understand life of modern Armenian woman and the difficulties she faces and what made progressmany Western organizations have made dozens of studies that are poorly reflect the true state of affairsAt the legislative level women’s rights in Armenia are protected wellHowever, Armenia is not for nothing is known for it’s liberal legislation, the other question is how these laws are implementedin practice.

In reality, gender inequality Armenian girls facewhile studying in universities as graduate takingmostly young men. As a result, the ratio of unemployed men and women is about 60 to 70, andthis despite the fact that women in Armenia in terms of education are ahead of men. Armenian women earn almost half less than men, although mainly in the work ads desirable young unmarried girls are required.

Particularly painful problem for Armenian society in the context of gender inequality is selective abortionEvery self-respecting Armenian man dreams about a son who will continue the family name and, of course, raceThe desire of the parents to have exactly son instead of a daughter, very often is the cause of selective abortion, so that is no coincidence in the number of selective abortionsArmenia is among the three leading countries.

Hidden matriarchy

Despite the fact that the Armenian men are seriousbusinessmen and so on, most of them go under the heel of their wives, completely without noticingTacticreminds of managed democracy with elements brought tothe virtuosity of manipulation. Nothing in the houseof the Armenian women do not get off the groundunless you have the consent of wife or mother. Starting from the purchase of a dishwasher and ending with the political choice. And this is all externalapolitical Armenian womenExternally, independentand self-sufficient Armenian man will not do anythingwithout asking wife and especially his mother.

Instead of illustrious patriarchal Armenian family in front of us with the so-called hidden matriarchy bythe wise Armenian women who, despite their indifferent political views, because of its features, define a conservative course of developmentof the Armenian state, which still side step the revolutionary wave.

But Armenian man will never admit it publicly. Alongwith his older relatives he will require innocencematured from 25-year-old bride and go to a restaurantin a purely male companybecause good woman should stay at home.

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