Armenian girls in bed

First of all I must say it is hard to say how good is Armenian girl in bed unless you are her husband and not every husband will tell the world about the sexual life with his wife, is she Armenian or some other nationality. The thing is that as Armenia is the oldest Christian state in the world, women are very conservative and keep to the traditions.

Though among all Caucasus states, Armenian girls drink in the bars, it does not mean they are easy. If you propose her to have a drink it usually will end up with the next such a date, where you will pay for bill and that’s it.

If you want to pick up Armenian girl, it is better not no hang around much, because in case of failure you will keep looking for other girl and Armenia is small, even the capital, so there is high possibility you meet the girl from some previous date. Or girls might know you are dating for some peculiar reason and tell others.

Girls in Armenia are more sexually reserved than girls from any other Eastern European country. You must know that about 80% of all Armenian girls are virgins before the marriage. Usual age to get married for the girl in Armenia is 23. If the girl did not get married before 25 it is considered very bad for her in Armenia. To get Armenian girl in your bed you need to pay a lot of efforts. Though it worth all your tries, because Armenian women in bed are the mixture of romantic and sexy nature, that is surely extremely hot. They are good candidates to get married to, because they are very feminine, passionate, love and take care their husband, allow him a lot and almost never (if never) would cheat their husband.

Armenian girls in bed

Armenian girls take care of their appearance. If to choose some proper places in Erevan, you will find the hottest and the most sexy girls in your life. Most Armenian girls that could appear in your bad would have long black hair and dark brown eyes. The girls are usually not tall and about 5 ft 3 in (160 cm). There are also many fat women on the streets. You also have to keep in mind that Armenian girls differ in small towns and villages of Armenia from those from the cities. That is why for you it is better to look for the girl in some big city. In the capital you might find many bars with good prices for drinks and meal and meet the girls there. But be attentive, and do not expect to get the girl in bed after a drink, because as I told you before, you will just spend money for nothing. If you liked the girl, you will have to take a good care of her. Be prepared for many dates and making sweet presents like flowers, teddy bears and so on. Only in this case you have a chance for what you are hoping. Be honest with your Armenian girl, but not rude and too straight forward.

Pre-marital sex in Armenia is not something weird, but only if a couple is dating for the time and is expecting to get married. Though, being virgin before marriage is very common for girls in Armenia. It is usually totally hard to get the trust of Armenian woman. Women’s mentality in Armenia is mixed between Western and Eastern. Almost 90% of Armenian girls strongly oppose the idea of sex before marriage. If you liked the girl, do not be greedy, always pay for the bill even if she is against (it is considered a norm in post Soviet countries a man has to pay the bill). If you liked the Armenian girl, always walk her home, even if you called the cab.

As you see, it is extremely hard to get Armenian girl to bed. For some it might became even more challenging and kind of “spicy”. I would say that it is better to look up for wife in Armenia rather that for some easy relations. But if your admires are strong, reach your aim using the advices and info given in the article and maybe some day you will wake up with Armenian woman in your bed, maybe even your wife, who knows.

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